Introducing the Team

Now that this site is growing and getting more impact, it is time to introduce you to the Team. Meet the collaborators giving a hand serving you the Synth-for-Breakfast.

Matt Traum (1962)

Brecksville OH, United States

Matt is a synth programmer, wind controller player, dealer, design consultant, repair tech, and media archivist. He is the owner and sound designer at Patchman Music. He is a leading authority on electronic wind controllers and has consulted with manufacturers on wind controller designs. His media restoration and archiving company is Matt’s Time Machine specializing in digitizing, restoring, and archiving a variety of data formats.

Matt is an excellent writer and reader and helps out translating and checking reviews and interviews.

Michel Scheijen (1974)

Geleen, Netherlands

Music nerd in extenso and owner of the website Musicophilia

Michel writes about prog rock, jazz rock, hard rock/metal, electronic music and everything that concerns in this context. He looks at music from the perspective that is often forgotten: that of the Enthusiast!

Michel happily shares interviews and background stories with

Uwe Saße (1961)

Bremen – Germany

Owner of the Sequenzerwelten website and host at the Modul303 radioshow.

Uwe is an enthousiastic reviewer of Electronic Music which he shares with

John Alex Hvidlykke (1964)

Aarhus, Denmark

Professional technology journalist and writer, specializing in computers, consumer electronics and sound technology. John Alex work full-time as reviewer and English editor for L&B Tech Reviews. Specialties: Technology history, Office/Windows programs, PC hardware, consumer electronics. Home studio technology. Circuit bending and sound installations. You can find out about John Alex’ Circuit bending projects here.

John Alex writes book- and equipment reviews for

Eric Snelders (1958)

Huizen, Netherlands

Initiator and owner of

Former musician and owner of Quantum Productions studio and record label, former Chairman of Alfa Centauri and organiser of Electronic concerts and festivals. After a long timeout from Electronic Music, returned as a passive electronic music fan and – as always still interested in what is going on in the scene.

Eric’s daytime job is chemistry teacher at Hilversum Gymnasium.