I cannot remember ever seeing this synth in the real world. Did it exist? Has it ever been used. Are there (pre-)owners or users that would like to share their experiences or anecdotes?

Features offered: presets, digionic sequencer, ionicamera visual display (full features see below).

The synth shows lots of similarities with the well-known EMS synths, but the structure and user interface are really different. Matrixsynth.com mentions that this synth has been on an ebay auction, but there are not many traces left.

PERFORMER BY IONIC Synthesizer & Modulator

One piece carrying case, including cover, mounting legs and handle
101 color-coded switches for instant realization and understanding
Quadraphonic sound; automatic panning
Operator’:: manual for INSTANT performance by anyone



  • 4 oscii;ators .0l5-20KZ sine, ramp, triangle, square and 3 wave shapers
  • White Noise Generator
  • Trapezoid
  • Filter used as sine wave oscillator
  • External sources (8 iriputs plus trigger channel)


  • Envelope (Attack, Duration, Decay, Automatic/Manual)
  • Reverberation, Level ·Control
  • Filter, Low Pass, Manual or VC
  • Ring Modulator, Level Control


  • Level controls, Two Amps VC (AM, FM controls)
  • Pre Set Automatic Panning, Pan Controls, Level Controls


  • X + Y Axis with slide pots for any two parameters
  • Manual Trigger with light
  • 49 Key Keyboard: Well Tempered, Touch Sensitive, Ramp,
  • Square, Octave Divider (Solo and combined) Level Control.
  • Tuning knob for micro and macro tuning; fine tuning adjustment

Ionic Industries inc. – 128 James Street morristown, new jersey 07960 (201) !139-1040

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