Jacob Duringer – Monolithic twodimensional keyboard

Since the inception of the synthesizer, synthesists have wanted to individually manually perform all the parts of their composition live without accompaniment such as multitracking, programming or programmed mapping. However the one dimensional piano keyboard prevents musicians from realizing this dream. The Monolith makes this dream a reality.

The Monolithic Two-dimensional Multitimbral Keyboard allows a player to perform live all the parts simultaneously of their composition by manual fingering on a two-dimensional plane. Each linear chromatic row is a different midi channel therefore a different instrument. A player assigns different fingers to different instruments at any given moment. There is no sequencing, tracking or programming. Please visit Jacob’s website for more info.

The live performance album “Gates of the Unseen” , a musical study of Biblical accounts where Heaven and Earth intersect, is now published and available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Bandcamp, and many other providers. (You can find the bandcamp page here).