Another performance program booklet that I found in my archives. The ‘Une ville en concert‘ magazine that was issued for the live performance by Jean Michel Jarre on July 14th, 1990.

I was there…and some others too. We visited Paris by coach – the voyage being organised by Stichting KLEM in the Netherlands – thanks to Frits Couwenberg (KLEM chief) and of course Jan van Leeuwen (owner of the Eemland reizen – coach company).

It was quite a weird travel: getting in the coach in the evening of Friday July 13th, arrival (very) early in the morning of Saturday the 14th. So we visited Paris because there was a lot of time left before the concert. During the day Paris became more crowded and when we came back at La Defense it felt like the whole of France (maybe even Europe) had arrived here ….. what an immense crowd! We tried finding a nice spot for watching the show and we changed positions for a couple of hours. Sometimes we were send away by the Gendarmes, but we were trying again, and again, until we found a great spot besides the large Pyramid.

And then it still took hours (well it felt like hours) until the concert started. Finally the countdown was there, with large projections on the flats and office buildings ….. the rest is history.

There is a lot to tell about this event – personally I have a lot of stories about what happened and how this performance impacted our ideas and llives. Maybe I should tell -sometime- about the travel back to Holland – we were expected to arrive at the coaches at a certain time – but that was impossible because of the same Gendarmes only letting people through in batches….. did we arrive back? Yes – but not without troubles.

Do you have stories you want to share? Feel free to send us a message. For now you can find the program booklet (i.e. magazine) below as a scanned PDF. When I have more time I am happy to OCR the pages and include the text. Oh yeah – I have the video of the full event and even a long video about the making of ‘La Defense – une ville en concert’, with soundchecks and a preliminary show…. later!