Join this tour through EMEAPP

Join EMEAPP‘s Executive Director, Drew Raison, on a rare tour of the Electronic Music Education and Preservation Project’s facility, chock full of rock and electronic music history.

This is a replay of a Zoom meeting hosted by Alan Lenhoff for the Combo Organs Forum that ran on January 28th, 2021. This facility tour covers many of the spaces within EMEAPP’s 30,000-square-foot facility that contains a curated collection of historically significant musical equipment.

Special exhibits include Frank Zappa, The Who, Steve Howe and Rick Wakeman from Yes. But the highlight is seeing and hearing Keith Emerson’s stage rig, complete with his 1904 Steinway and customized Hammond organs. Overlooking everything is Keith’s legendary Moog modular synthesizer.

In addition, you can see parts of EMEAPP’s extensive collection, including vintage gear from Marshall, Hiwatt, Orange, Sound City, Fender, Vox, Park and more. The effects pedal collection runs deep and includes some of the earliest fuzz boxes, modulation pedals, spring reverbs and tape echos.