This album was released 1971, as a Philips vinyl disc (6440 040). As far as I know it has not been released on CD. Below you will find a video with the full recording and some links to find more info.

We would like to know whow owns (or owned) this album, or maybe some more background info.

Joop Stokkermans (1937-2012) was a Dutch composer of popular music, his compositions were widely used in TV programs. (Hamelen, TiTa tovenaarHe was also known as John Dalmans or Johannes Andreas Stokkermans.

  • Electronic Air (Air Uit Suite No. 3) (4:05)
  • I Should Have Known (2:19)
  • Tijd… (2:24)
  • Dansen Met de Fransen (2:12)
  • This Guy’s in Love with You (3:48)
  • Was Dit ‘t (2:15)
  • Je T’attends (2:57)
  • Blij Zijn Zolang het Nog Kan (2:23)
  • Uren (2:28)
  • The Swan (2:47)
  • In the Chapel in the Moonlight (2:53)
  • Jazz Wals (2:28)

Total playing time: 32:59 minutes.