Jörg Schaaf – The vigil 12

Jörg Schaaf is a very productive German musician. You might know him from his works for Radikal Technologies or his musical releases (please also read our other posts about Jörg).

Recently he produced music for Ithe 12th MICA ‘The Vigil’ 2 days music festival in Baltimore. Read more about this festival here.

We took this from Jörg’s website: “Sound design, music production, photography, video production, web design, programming, electronics, synthesizers – my interests are diverse and I hope this little website will do more and more justice to them over time. I started this page in September 2014 as a little relaxation exercise while developing a new synthesizer. Even though I’m very busy with this project, I don’t want to neglect the support for the already established Radikal Technologies instruments Accelerator and Spectralis. For this reason this blog was created. Tips and tricks, sounds and entire patterns should fill the blog over time.
In addition, I wanted to create a platform on which I can present my music, my pictures and my videos in an appropriate framework. Your own website offers many advantages over social networks. This is the only way I have full control over my content, what I highlight and what I let disappear again.
I hope you enjoy browsing my articles and the topic pages. Each section allows you to make comments or suggestions. I welcome any constructive criticism.