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Schallwelle Elections 2024

Saturday, February 24th, 2024, the Schallwelle Elections for 2024 will be presented. A full day of concerts, electronic music, meet…

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Hainbach live

Berlin Based electronic artist Hainbach will perform Live on Saturday April 20, at Cafe Bosch in Arnhem (NL). This concert…

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When in Germany ….

Some days ago I was in Cologne (Germany) for visiting the wonderful Christmas Markets. While in a large bookshop I…

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Superbooth 2024

We just received exciting Superbooth news. Berlin November 23 – Dear friends of the Superbooth, We hope you have been well!…

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Roland announces GAIA-2

Roland just announced the GAIA 2 synthesizer: with lots of knobs and sliders, a wavetable oscillator added and the possibility…

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Vangelis – the Tegos tapes

The Tegos Tapes is an interesting example of an obscure and heretofore unreleased Vangelis soundtrack unknown by many of even his most devoted fans….

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