(update) King’s day in the Netherlands

While walking through the streets in little villages during King’s day (April 27th, 2022) I noticed this inventive keyboard player…. well it did not sound as a keyboard but as set of acoustic drums, gongs, claps and other percussive instruments, randomly hit. Do you recognise how this is constructed? Maybe this is a smart way of triggering sample pads from a keyboard?

Update: The man with his machine gained interest so I though I’d find out who he is, and what about this special instrument he was playing. I had to trace back to the organisation comittee of Kings Day and they helped me out: this man is Gerard Wortel, citizen of Eemnes in the Netherlands. I also found a video on youtube in which Gerard explains his machine. Multi-instrumentalist and theater maker Gerard Wortel plays his 88-key Multicultime chapercus drum keyboard. This percussion instrument, consisting of bongos, drums, castanets and djembes, was conceived, developed and put together entirely by Gerard himself. A feast for the eyes to watch and an unprecedented rhythmic caress of the eardrums.

Ok, I must apologise for this post: it really hasn’t anything to do with Electronic Music or synths, but I guess it is a Pavlov reflex: when I see black & white keys: I have to make a picture of it – it is bigger than me 🙂