(Updated) Klaus Schulze – Deus Arrakis soon!

Update June 15, 2022: the album will be available as of July 1st. While the Limited Box-Set is already sold out you can still pre-order the 3LP Edition as well as the CD Digipak versio and you can find the official trailer here.

Update April 4, 2022: the new album Deus Arrakis will be released in june.

German electronic music pioneer Klaus Schulze has announced that he will release a brand new studio album later this year. At the same time Schulze has re-signed with label SPV Records to release the new album, his first since 2019’s Next Of Kin.

“After many years of successful collaboration with SPV, it was only natural to put my new album back into the proven hands of an excellent team,” Schulze says of the contract extension. “I’m happy that the fruitful collaboration continues and wish us all a successful release for my new album Deus Arrakis, which is very close to my heart.”

“Klaus Schulze is not only an exceptional artist who surprises us again and again, but also a long-time partner and friend of SPV,” adds label boss Frank Uhle. “I am extremely pleased about the renewed collaboration on the new album Deus Arrakis and the trust of Klaus and his team in SPV, which we also accept this time with respect and pride.”

74-year old Schulze began his career with Tangerine Dream before leaving to form Ash Ra Tempel, before setting out in a solo career that has seen him release over 50 albums and collaborate with the likes Arthur Brown, Lisas Gerrard and Hans Zimmer.

More info on Klaus Schulze’s official website.

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