Korg Electronic Musical Instruments 1983 (brochure)

Look what we found today in our ‘pile of vintage synth brochures’. A Korg electronic Musical Instruments 1983 brochure, giving an overview of the then available Korg synths and peripherals.

1983 seems to be the year that the Poly-800 and Poly-61 were promoted… yeah those were the times when synthesizers lost their faders, knobs and one-function-per-button features.

But at that time the Polysix, PS3200, Mono/Poly and the MS-10 and MS-20 synths were still available.

We do have a lot more vintage synth brochures, including detailed brochures of Korg instruments, which we will upload a.s.a.p.

Below you can download this brochure as a pdf file.