(Updated) Kraftwerk – Tour 2022-2023

Update: March 23, 2023: many more dates for 2023 have been added. For more info have a look at the Kraftwerk site.

Please note that some of the concerts have already been sold out, such as the August 12 concert in Karlsruhe – let’s hope there will be more dates added.

The Kraftwerk tour that would have taken place from 2020 is now rescheduled for 2022.

Until May 15 there is a great Kraftwerk exhibition in Düsseldorf (D), as an amuse to the Grand Tour that will start May 2, 2022 in Milan (Italy) and will end September 3, in Malaga. Kraftwerk will visit a number of cities, such as London, Clermont Ferrand, Memphis, Boston, Nimes, Genf …. and more (the next images show the Tour sequence). More info at the Kraftwerk website.

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