Lightwave – Auditorium des Halles 1987

Christian Wittman shares with us ….. In 1987, Lightwave was one of the first electronic and ambient bands to perform in the Auditorium des Halles, a prestigious concert hall for classical music, in central Paris. We moved all our equipment there and we performed with the dance company Pop dreams, practising slow motion dance, moon walking etc… The line up of the band was Serge Leroy, Christoph Harbonnier and myself.

Some more memories of the Lightwave concert at the Auditorium des Halles (Paris) in 1987. The stage was so wide, that the three of us had intercom headphones with mics just to communicate between us during the concert… As far as I remember, there was a lot of improvisation during this concert, although sequences were indeed programmed or pre-recorded… Here are two photos taken during the soundcheck… Three guys with a huge set-up of modular and analog synths, playing live a quite experimental and cosmic music, with sequences etc… It reminds me a famous German band, Let me find out its its name.. ?