Lightwave – Caryotype (offer!)

Christian and Christoph of Lightwave just posted another album on their Bandcamp page… “Caryotype”, featuring Jacques Derégnaucourt and… Paul Haslinger.

“Well, with Paul Haslinger and Jacques Derégnaucourt involved, Lightwave, on this “Caryotype” album, sounds like an experimental – electro-acoustic – ambient quartet — most of these tracks were recorded live in studio sessions …. Sound design, abstraction, conceptual electronics, soundscapes, contemporary music… This music was previously released on the “avant-garde” Signatures Label of Radio France… 20 years after its original release, this project sounds always as crazy and exciting… This is immersive music, and a creative, improvised, total recording experience… Don’t forget…. 15% discount on all Lightwave recordings with the code: promolowell until May 30 at 23:59 ! 

Have a go at Lightwave’s bandcamp page.