LIGHTWAVE is a French electronic music duo formed in 1988 around Christoph HARBONNIER and Christian WITTMAN, initially founded in 1985 by Serge LEROY, Laurent BOZECK and Christian WITTMAN,
LIGHTWAVE follows a singular trajectory on the map of new French music. At the crossroads of dark ambient, minimalism, electroacoustics, LIGHTWAVE composes new, dreamlike and organic sound spaces that are similar to a series of adventures and sound architectures, plunging the listener into a film of which he invents script and pictures.
Thanks to a playful and intuitive approach to old and new electronic instruments, LIGHTWAVE explores poetic and sensual worlds, plays with sounds as well as with colors, shapes, concrete objects or spatial dimensions.
On stage as in the studio, a direct and interactive game directs his compositions based on listening and exchange, like a jazz trio or a string quartet.

Over the course of eight released albums (France, Germany, USA, Italy), LIGHTWAVE’s discographic repertoire evolves freely between concept and imagination, between geometry and labyrinth.
Acclaimed by critics, his musical approach has also captivated large audiences in concert-events or in the form of spectacular sound installations…in the largest industrial gasometer in Europe in Oberhausen, the Nice observatory, or in the depths of the Grottes de Choranche in the Vercors massif…

More info on Lightwave’s website.

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