Lisa Gerrard – In memory of Klaus Schulze

Tuesday, July 5th 2022, Lisa Gerrard posted the following message:

Here is our sweet champion

Our hearts ache

Why do we die
Close your eyes and imagine being dead
It’s not possible …

Is this because we don’t actually die.

I stood in the presence of this living sweet, crazy, beautiful genius while he took us on a journey through  atmospher’s transcendent
He boldly painted his visions invisible with enchanted brusus that embraced uncharted soul scapes.

At the end of each concert he would drop his musical bomb with terrifying confidence shaking the dust off the rafters of mediocrity

The speakers would flutter and rupture into an everlasting capsule of silence

A pause

A gate

A pathway forward

He is and will be forever

Lisa Gerrard, July 2022