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When in Germany ….

Some days ago I was in Cologne (Germany) for visiting the wonderful Christmas Markets. While in a large bookshop I…

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SynMag #93 available

As of July 30, the new Synthesizer Magazine is available. More info here. Moog Mavis – Semi-modular with trackable VCO…

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Audion Magazine –

Audion Magazine has been known since 1986 as an outlet for Ultima Thule (recordlabel, retailer). Now the magazine is back…

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Electronics and Music Maker

About Electronics & Music Maker Originally published by Maplin Publishing (yes, for Maplin Electronics Ltd), featuring music-themed electronic hobby projects…

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Sequences Electronic Music magazine

Sequences is devoted to many aspects of electronic sounds, but don’t think our world is on the more commercial side, techno, hip hop, house, dance, synthpop,…

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