(Updated) Mark Jenkins – Modular sessions #7

Update August 11, 2022: Stephanie Sante from Colorado is one of two US representatives on the (almost) all-female issue 7 of the “MODULAR SESSIONS” monthly limited run numbered CD’s, “Les Femmes Electroniques”. This issue of the CD is particularly eclectic covering Berlin school, ambient, prog and krautrock among other styles, and Stephanie’s track is a slightly overdubbed merging of two of her pieces, one very much New Age, and one in the realms of synthesizer space music. Stephanie has released CD and more recently FLAC download titles for over 20 years and plays guitar and grid instruments as well as synths, including the Roland Jupiter Xm, Novation Push, Arturia controllers and Strymon Big Sky effects. Order “MODULAR SESSIONS 7: Les Femmes Electroniques” worldwide from CD Services here

Update August 10, 2022: Fulya Çelikel Soğancı is one of around a dozen super-talented female electronic music composers featured on the 7th monthly edition of the limited run numbered collectors’ edition “MODULAR SESSIONS” CD’s titled “Les Femmes Electroniques”. Known as “Dr. Synth Lady”, Fulya works with companies like KV331 Audio developing and testing music software such as “SynthMaster 2” – and as well as recording in the studio, plays and sings in live bands. Maybe that’s why she has one of the best collections of portable keytar controllers anywhere 🙂 The piece she worked on for MS7 called “Warriors Three” has great synth bass, distorted lead, brass and atmospheric sounds – a real contrast to other pieces on the CD of ambient, “krautrock”, Berlin School sequencer and New Age music. The CD is selling fast and like all the other issues will only exist as 100 numbered copies with no download or streaming option.

MODULAR SESSIONS 7 is out now, this time featuring great female electronic music composers from around the world on “LES FEMMES ELECTRONIQUES”. There’s a huge range of styles including Berlin School, ambient, progressive, electro-pop, modular synth improvisation and even “krautrock” using synths from MOOG, BEHRINGER, ROLAND, YAMAHA, KORG, NOVATION and many others. The limited edition disk (only 100 numbered copies) includes links to all these great performers and a connected website has more artist photos and bonus sleeve designs. Purchasing this disk counts towards a free “Bonus Beta” CD available soon. Many thanks for joining in to Kim Cosmik, Lilith-Auryn Athena Fairchild, Machka, Fulya Çelikel Soğancı, Stephanie Sante, Lia Shapiro, Mathias Grassow, Anna-Maria Van Reusel, Ami Bique, Gilda Razani. This highly collectable CD can be ordered from anywhere in the world from CD Services.

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