Review by Uwe Sasse

In September 2021 the -Lichtwerk- by Mathias was released. Another well-stocked work of 2 hours and 40 minutes, on which Mathias offers his usual drone-like surfaces, but refined them with many tribal and deepspace elements, or, as I described it appropriately, with plenty of “diversity” : -)
Thus, the good 160 minutes can be listened to in a flow without even the slightest trace of boredom. With “Drone” in particular, I think it’s important to offer a number of different facets, and that’s why I like the -Lichtwerk- so much. Atmospherically everything is also right, especially in the piece “Lichtwerk IV” this comes into its own. For me it’s a very intense 18 minutes with goose bumps.

A “Grassow album” like this is always welcome with me. Especially where there is a lot of variety, it is easier for me to consume and that is why I would like to recommend the -Lichtwerk-. Maybe there are still several fans who don’t necessarily favor the purely “dronous” stuff…..? This album is just right for them!