(Updated) Micado new release – Synergia

Update October 12, 2022: Uwe Sasse reviewed this album. Read with us:

…. a direct hit all along the line 🙂

The title of this album is just as aptly and beautifully chosen as the music. Alone the first sentence “Synergies in nature and cosmos provide beautiful results” reflects the very positive music. Micado aka Frans Lemaire recorded these 10 tracks together with some musicians from Holland and Belgium, which consists of wonderful, cosmic melodies. It’s pure pleasure to follow it and it’s also “new territory” for me, because it’s my first contact with Micado’s music! A very nice side effect is the fact that with this album I get the opportunity to get to know new musicians, because so far it’s only Sensory++ (Joost Egelie) and Small Chief (Nico de Kock) whose music I have on my page so far Had presented. -Synergia- is a highly recommended album and I’m really looking forward to more music by Frans Lemaire and his colleagues 🙂

Micado, aka Belgium composer Frans Lemaire, just launched this new album ‘Synergia’, which is a collaboration of Micado and different Dutch/Belgian musicians. You can find this album on Micado’s bandcamp page. And of course you can watch Micado’s music on his youtube channel as well. We did steal some of the tracks below….