Micado – One week in heaven

Micado is the artist name of Frans Lemaire, from Belgium. Frans is a long time synthesizer builder-owner-player and has released a lot music. His latest project is ‘One week in heaven’, can be found on youtube. The music is impressive – great, with nice melodies inspired by classic composters such as Bach, the music sometimes grows Epic and leave you with your hair standing one end! Voices. The music is illustrated with nice video’s that emphasize the music in a beautiful way.

Frans writes: “A rendezvous with Bach. The sun announces a beautiful day. Slowly a crystal clear day begins and I prepare to make a nice stroll. Accompanied by the angle choir I arrive at a marvellous site where I lay down for a short rest. My eyes devour the landscape. Suddenly a man takes place next to me. He greets me and offers me a glass of wine: “Hello Frans, I’m Johann”. He continues by telling me all the places I can visit today. His voice is like divine organ music. As we sat too long resting in the sun, I lost track of the hour… I had no time left to ask further questions. Johann and I get up, and he passes me his handwritten touristic guide before he walks into the clouds. While in the blue sky the angels stroke my musical feelings I browse through the guide. I raise my eyebrows in surprise when I discover this curly jotted autograph: “Johann Sebastian Bach”. Yes, he has his place in Heaven… Recommended to listen with headphone Tools in LogicProX * Logic Cathedral Organ, Orchestral Horns, Sculpture, Strings and Pizzicato * Logic ES2 , EXS24 * Arturia Pigments * NI Kontakt : Space Evolutions Factory Pad * NI Kontakt : Soundiron Voices of Rapture * NI Kontakt : Olympus Elements * NI Kontakt : Analog Dreams and Action Strings Samples * LSB Adlib Voices, EACHVAL Voices * Private MICADO libraries Effects * LogicProX, Arturia, Native Instruments Music composed, arranged and mixed by Frans Lemaire at the MICADO home studio using LogicProX with Focusrite Scarlett and Behringer audio interfaces.