Maybe too nostalgic, but for you who grew up with the early software sequencers and micro computers this is a nice flasback from the 80′. I love it especially because the Ensoniq ESQ1 is played multitimbral and the video demonstrates how great synth this was (

Micro Live’s Fred Harris and Lesley Judd test out the latest computer hardware and software packages, which can help you make the most out of MIDI. At the higher end of the market, Tony Hastings of Steinberg Research demonstrates Pro24 for the Atari ST, while Lesley Judd shows some of the cheaper alternatives available for the humble 8-bit systems. The Commodore 64 has a Music Expansion System, while even the Spectrum can be made to sing with a little help from the Casio CZ101 synth and Cheetah’s MIDI Interface and MK5 keyboard.

Finally, there is the Music 5000 Synthesiser box for the BBC Micro, which negates the need for a keyboard altogether, ably demonstrated by Fred Harris. Originally broadcast 19 December, 1986.