Uwe Saße, Christian Gorsky and Rainer Lauer are the hosts of Sundaytunes, one of the shows on Modul33: a non-commercial web radio from Duisburg that broadcasts continuously.The musical spectrum ranges from modern electronic music to pioneers of the Berlin School and German Krautrock. Modul303 forms an open network for musicians, labels, moderators and the EM music scene. The program consists of a colorful mixture of moderated and musical contributions. Modern subcultures and collaborators of classical electronic music mix in our program for a varied listening pleasure. T

Uwe informed me about the upcoming broadcast: “Ihr bekommt Musik von B. Ashra, Broekhuis Keller & Schönwälder mit Raughi Ebert sowie Thomas Kagermann, Cosmic Cadence, Filter-Kaffee, K.I.Companion (Andreas Meyer), Sequentia Lengenda (Laurent Schieber), Synth Replicants, Thomas Fanger zu hören.

The playlist for Sunday August 28:

  • on Sunday, 12 h (German Time) my new SundayTunes-Show with Music from the GANOM-Label
  • GANOM – the fine art of electronic music on Modul303.com

This info kindly reproduced from modul33 with additional details from Uwe Saße.