Modular Sessions #5 – Brave new world

Michael Brückner makes a wonderful contribution to the latest limited edition CD release in the series “Modular Sessions 5: Brave New World”.

With seven other contributors from the UK, Germany and the USA, the album spins sequencing, Berlin-style, ambient passages, Theremin, melodic electronics and movie dialogue into long, entrancing tracks inspired by sci-fi books and movies – “The Day The Earth Stood Still”, “War Of The Worlds”, “Dune” and many more. Michael’s long hypnotic and melodic sequence became a tribute to the psychedelic dimensional journey of “2001: A Space Odyssey”, and his own album and download releases feature more of the same enthralling and impressive electronic music.

Mail order from anywhere in the world of “Modular Sessions 5” and of the earlier issues 1-4 and the “Bonus Alpha” CD from CD Services.

From the press release:

Limited Edition album in a series of Limited Edition releases containing improvised Berlin-style synth music featuring guest names from the EM genre! With a new limited run title released every month, the ‘Modular Sessions’ album releases are becoming a highly collectable series, and buyers of any three from the first four issues will receive an even more exclusive bonus disc. In fact there are 2 free Exclusive ‘Modular’ series related CDs now being issued by Mark Jenkins … here are the rules to qualify for each of these releases. ‘MODULAR SESSIONS: Bonus Alpha’ … You will automatically be sent a copy of this FOC with your next available CDS order shipment, if you have bought any three of ‘Modular Sessions 1 – 4’ Limited Edition CDs. ‘MODULAR SESSIONS: Bonus Beta’ … You will automatically be sent a copy of this FOC with your next available CDS order shipment, if you have bought any three of ‘Modular Sessions 5 – 8’ Limited Edition CDs. Another in his successful ‘Modular Sessions’ series, this 5th Numbered Limited Edition is the most ambitious release yet in the monthly release schedule and it features improvised and collaborative electronic music that includes the talents of no fewer than seven different guest musicians from around the world. Mark Jenkins has put together a set of music on science fiction themes that will remind you of all your favourite movies – or make you want to watch new ones! The styles vary from Berlin School to Ambient Electronic, multi-instrumental like Mike Oldfield, symphonic electronic like Christopher Franke, and even a touch of ambient techno to close the album. BERND-MICHAEL LAND from Germany creates gong and modular synthesizer passages on ‘Brave New World’, featuring voices of the author Aldous Huxley and from Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’. GILDA RAZANI from Germany adds modified and distorted Moog Theremin to the terrifying ‘Attack Of The Crab Monsters’ from the film by Roger Corman. MARK JENKINS uses only the new Behringer 2600 synth for a soundscape piece based on ‘War Of The Worlds’ by HG Wells. BIL VERMETTE from the USA created the backdrop for the dramatic, percussive ‘Warriors Of Dune’, inspired by the recent Oscar-winning movie – or by the David Lynch version 🙂 DULCE JOYA a terrific symphonic composer from Austria takes on ‘Last And First Men’, Olaf Stapledon’s recently filmed 3 billion year epic future history. MICHAEL BRUECKNER from Germany pictures the psychedelic headlong plunge through the Monolith from ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. MARK JENKINS uses tuned percussion and synths to recreate the atmosphere of the water planet ‘Solaris’. RUEDIGER GLEISBERG from Germany makes symphonic music with synths, Mark Jenkins adding authentic Chris Franke-style sounds on ‘Babylon 5: CODA’. MISS ADRENALIN is a British DJ, musician and singer whose up-tempo closing track ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ brings a driving, uplifting conclusion to the album.

‘Modular Sessions 5-Brave New World’ is released on 1st May 2022.