(Updated) Moog – Documentary

Update November 14th, 2022: Thanks to Marcel Bossaert for the tip. It seems the DVD is still available through Hans Fjellestad here.

Years ago I purchased the DVD “Moog” produced by Hans Fjellestad and I found out that this DVD is not for sale (anymore). But for you without the DVD there is a copy available on youtube. It is worthwile and exciting to see and a document (monument) for dr Robert Moog.

The movie features important Moog synths and its players, such as Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson, Herb Deutsch, Suzanne Ciani, Jordan Rudess, Brian Kehew, but also a lot of synth pioneers such as Don Buchla, Trevor Pinch, Mark Mothersbaugh, Frank Trocco and many more.

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