Moog (Norlin) – Minitmoog brochure 1976

In our bunch of vintage synth brochures we found this small Minitmoog flyer. At that time it was produced under the name of Norlin – the mother company of Moog at that time.

The Minitmoog is a rare Moog preset synthesizer very similar to the Satellite. By preset sounds we mean sounds like Trumpet, Oboe, Clarinet, Sax, Taurus, Violin, Piano, Guitar I, Guitar II, Aries, Lunar, and Flute. It’s a smallish keyboard with a 37 note keyboard. The sounds can be transposed down over 3 octaves for a wide pitch range. The pre-programmed sounds are switched via those clunky large flip-switches below the keyboard, apparently their location makes switching patches while playing more accessible. The Taurus, Lunar and Aries are interesting “new” sounds that were preprogrammed into the Minitmoog.

This is the original brochure text.

Minitmoog-The Quick Change Artist

Now, there’s a synthesizer that’s so fast, you can switch dimensions in the middle of a riff. It’s the Minitmoog. And it’s packed with preset controls that turn on the most popular synthesizer functions and sound effects instantaneously.

Two tone oscillators let you play two notes with one key. Tune them to whatever intervals you want, or tune them an octave apart, or flip the Synch tab and they’ll play together. Select the right voice for the right mood, ranging from a romantic violin that even plays “glissando” to spacey new sounds like Aires and Lunar.

All of these controls can be modified with the function selectors and effects controls. Add vibrato or tremolo, modulate the sound and shake it at any rate and depth you want. Any kind of wah wah, synch sweep (that gives the second oscillator a slow motion, exaggerated “wow”), sustain, automatic pitch bending (for blues guitar licks). and a lot more. The Minitmoog’s keyboard is touch sensitive. You can control brightness, modulation. pitch bending and synch simply by pressing on the key.

And, every key triggers a separate contour for even more natural articulation. If you’ve got an electric keyboard, like a portable organ, you can connect the Minitmoog in seconds. Play accompaniment on the organ and lead on the Minitmoog and you don’t need the rest of the band. If you do have a band, you’ll be the leader with the Minitmoog-1ead violin, lead trumpet. lead guitar, lead Taurus, lead lunar, modulator, glider, filterer …

The Minitmoog-ready at a second’s notice.

Two ultrastable tone oscillators ”8″ Oscillator Pitch/Harmonics control wilh two octave range.

When oscillators are in synch, this control adjusts the harmonic content ot the second oscillator. Otherwise. it’s a separate tuning control for the second oscillator. Oscillator Mix control for volume balance Two Octave selectors transpose instruments register down 1, 2 or 3 octaves.

Touch controls: Synch Sweep sweeps harmonics of second oscillator when both are in synch Pitch for automatic pitch bending Filler for shaping brightness Modulation for selecting touch controlled or constant modulation Filter sliders Attack and Decay modify the filter contour Brightness adjusts the filler cutoff Modulation sliders Rate adjusts vibrato/tremolo speed Depth determines vibrato/tremolo Intensity.

Modulation selectors Vibrato (oscillator modulation) Tremolo (filter modulation) Synch Selector determines whether or not second oscillator will be synchronized to main oscillator Glide On/Off with separate variable slider at left hand position Sustain On/Off Quick Set Tabs Mute Trumpet Oboe Clarinet


  • Filter control input for optional pedal Optional headphone jack
  • Output Hi·Level for electric organ plug in
  • Low Level for guitar amplifier Tuning knob
  • Rugged Case with new Moog walnut, black and silver look
  • Height adjustable back legs 
  • Sax ,Taurus, Violin, Piano, Guitar I, Guitar II, Aires, Lunar,  Flute (functions when all other Quick Sel tabs are up)
  • 37 note multitriggering, touch sensitive keyboard
  • Master Volume control On/Off switch with pilot light