This is a great website about building your own synthesizer. Ray Wilson, the founding father of MFOS, designed a lot of synthesizer modules and peripherals. There are ideas to start with and you can expand your system as you wish. Sadly Ray Wilson passed away some years ago. The good news that Ray’s work is continued by his wife Debra Wilson and others. The site is alive and you can even order components and kits for your projects.

Soon we will publish a more detailed list of contents of this website. We suggest you have a look at soon.

This is the welcome message by Debra Wilson from the MFOS homepage

Welcome to MFOS! We are going to be continuing to operate Music From Outer Space, building on the analog synth DIY work developed by Ray Wilson. In addition, we have plans underway to improve and extend MFOS modules, including moving MFOS designs into recognized modular synthesizer formats like 5U and eurorack.All of the content, humor, documentation and imagery will be retained to support the existing and new generations of synth DIY enthusiasts. Ray’s spirit lives on through each of the MFOS projects that get built!From time to time, I’ll share a story or two about Ray and his life and works, so you’ll get to know him a little bit better through my musings.Thank you for your continued support of MFOS, and always feel free to reach out with questions or feedback. Debra Wilson- The Maiden of MFOS

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