Neuronium new album – IKIGAI – August 2022

Michel Huygen wrote: “Less time to wait for… | Falta menos… | Il manque moins de temps ! | (Music excerpt from IKIGAI by Neuronium, (c)(p) 2022 by Neuronium Music Publishing, All rights reserved)

(thanks Marcel Bossaert for pointing out some errors in this message)

Igikay, the 47th album by Neuronium, will be presented at the 65th Grammy’s edition, in August this year. No more info yet, but we’ll keep you up-to-date.

You can listen to a track of this album here.

Neuronium, since 1977, is the electronic Music by Michel Huygen. In the early days Neuronium was a band of 3 musicians. After the project was a two musicians band with Carlos Guirao at keyboards. Finally and since 1983, Neuronium is one man project by Michel with more than 41 albums released till today , plus several albums in collaboration with other big names like Vangelis , Tangerine Dream , Ash Ra, Mark Shreeve , and also appearing in special records with Enya, Mike Oldfield, Suzanne Ciani, etc…