New Order – Blue Monday (series)

I was, and still am, impressed by the track Blue Monday, by New Order. I think that it was, in many ways, a new order of music. I had this idea of compiling information about New Order and this brilliant track. There are many background stories about how this track was invented, about the record company, about money losses, but also on the technical side of creating the track. I try to touch all these different aspects in this compilation.

The following parts are available (and more to come):

  • Part 12 – The happy drum machine incident
  • Part 11 – Official video
  • Part 10 – How we made
  • Part 9 – Classic Pop Magazine feature
  • Part 8 – The Sunkist advert
  • Part 7 – The construction of Blue Monday and how other bands borrowed riffs and samples…
  • Part 6 – Your chance to read and evaluate the book ‘The Blue monday diaries: in the studio with New Order’.
  • Part 5 – The live performance New Order presenting some of their synths and playing Blue Monday in the Dutch countdown program.
  • Part 4 – An interview with Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook about the writing process of Blue Monday.
  • Part 3 – An interview about the technical issues, and the role of vocalist-guitarist-keyboardist Bernard Sumner
  • Part 2 – Recreating New Order’s Blue Monday.
  • Part 1 – The machine that helped New Order to invent Blue Monday.