Nils Frahm – Old Friends New Friends

Nils’ new double album Old Friends New Friends is out now via his own imprint LEITER.

Within the last months, Nils found the time to browse through his archives, and started to select his favorite piano tracks of the past years. Old Friends New Friends is a collection of works that, for the most part, never found their way on one of his records. Clearly, these are much more than outtakes, something Nils has no trouble explaining. “Often tracks that don’t make it onto an album are the ones with the most boldness and bravery.” As for how he feels letting the music loose into the world now, Nils simply chuckles. “It’s like if your kids finally move out when they’re 23, and you realise, ‘Shit, this could have happened years ago!’” 

Besides the new album, Nils also shares the third in a series of bespoke art music books. Sheets Drei is available now via the newly launched LEITER store. The ten pieces in the book come alongside some exclusive pictures of Nils’ long-time collaborator, Torsten Posselt.

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