It was 1982 when Aurora by Dutch synth group NOVA hit the charts. Nova was formed by Peter Kommers, Ruud van Es, and Rob Papen. Yes they are also known as Peru.

Rob Papen informed us that both Nova albums are re-released as a double CD-pack. More info at Rob Papen’s website. Below is the original (TopPop) video-clip of Aurora.

The story behind NOVA

Peter Kommers and Ruud van Es started to work together as Peru in 1979. Both shared an interest in electronic music and synthesizers. Following their acquaintance with Rob Papen at a Dutch Fanclub event of German electronic musician Klaus Schulze in 1980, Peru continued as a trio. As their first album Macchu Picchu gained some airplay, they got in contact with Willem van Kooten and decided to form another group next to Peru: Nova. One of Nova’s first tracks was Aurora, a song based on the Peru track Sons Of Dawn and released on single in Spring 1982, which became a number 1-hit in the Netherlands and Belgium. The trio worked with producer Chris Pilgram on their album debut Terranova, released in Autumn 1982 and climbed to #7 in the Dutch album charts in July 1982. In 1983 their second album Quo Vadis hit the stores, but also marked the end for Nova. From then on, Peter Kommers, Ruud van Es en Rob Papen continued as Peru.