Novation V- and B-station softsynths for free

Novation is now giving away two beautiful synth plugins for which you had to pay until recently. Well worth it, but they don’t work on the very latest Macs! The synths can be downloaded here.

How long can/should you continue to operate a product? That question is very important in the world of software, because continuing to update for the latest O.S versions and plugin standards costs time and money and often the costs do not outweigh the benefits. Earlier Audio damage and Toneboosters already decided to make a large collection of older plugins freeware, now Novation is doing that with their V-Station and Bass Station synth plugins. Both are software versions of hardware products.

V-Station is based on the K-Station synth. It has 8 voices with 3 oscillators each, controlling multiple waveforms, fm and ring mod. All that goes through a fine filter and then through an extensive fx section.

Bass Station (B-Station) is a virtual version of Novation’s classic analog mono bass synth from 1993. Two square wave and sawtooth oscillators pass through a 12/24dB low-pass filter, all with plenty of modulation options. Just like with V-Station, you get a nice collection of presets.

V-Station and Bas Station work as vst and au plugin. In principle they should work in any Windows host with vst support, but with Apple it stops at macOS 10.14 and only Intel cpu machines. So no support for apple M1.