Oh Yeah! – Short documentary (kickstarter project)

A team, consisting of Nick Canfield, Justin Levy, Paul Lovelace and Nelson Walker, came up with the idea to produce a documentary about Yello, and their 1980 classic hit ‘Oh Yeah!’. They need € 13.500 and therefore started a kickstarter project. Read below for more details or go to the Kickstarter Project page.

It’s the ultimate 80’s song, a cult classic like no other. As soon as you hear that synth-drum start popping and the deep voice rumbles “Oh Yeah”, you recognize it instantly. 

OH YEAH! is a short documentary about the iconic electronic music group Yello and their cult classic 1980’s hit song. Oh Yeah embodies the culture of America in the 80’s more than any other song. While not well known in the US, the Swiss duo of Boris Blank and Dieter Meier have been making avant-garde music and videos for over 40 years. This film will explore the cultural impact of Oh Yeah and its enduring place in the American psyche, while introducing the unique artists behind the music.

From the 80’s movies Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Secret of My Success, to Duffman’s appearance music in The Simpsons, to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Rick and Morty; Oh Yeah has made countless appearances in pop culture for decades. What is it about this European electronic song that has given it a special place in our cultural lexicon? It speaks to something inherent in the American mind – Oh Yeah immediately connotes desire, gratification, excess, and freedom.

This film will reveal the story behind Yello – Boris has been recording and manipulating audio since childhood, building a library of sounds unlike any other. He never learned how to read or write music, that would constrain him. Instead he builds soundscapes for the listener to inhabit. Dieter started out as a punk singer and has morphed into a multi-disciplinary artist. In addition to being the the vocalist, he makes Yello’s experimental music videos, and says his advantage as an artist is that he doesn’t mind playing the fool.

You’ll get to know this eclectic duo, from their outrageous origins and pioneering role in electronic and sampled music, to their rise to international fame with this hit song. Interviews with musicians, actors, writers, and critics will provide insight into their musical and cultural legacy, and the song’s hold on the American subconscious. We’ll hear from the band themselves about how they make their music and their strange, hilarious videos. Dieter and Boris push the boundaries of art and music, experimenting freely and never taking themselves too seriously. 

OH YEAH! will be a fun music documentary and an insightful look into our collective cultural soul, through the lens of this iconic song.  Come along for the ride!