Online tone / speech generator

Are you a musician? Are you looking for vocal speech or a useful basis for vocoding or vocal wrangling, and you don’t have a human singer/speaker at hand? Then this website could be of interest to you.

Listen to this snippet:

This website offers speech generation by an extended range of male and female voices, differing in native language (if you want Dutch/Belgian speech, you should use Ellen instead of Zuzanna or Xander instead of Diego). A nice place for improvising and experimenting.

Furthermore this site offers you a lot of other tools, such as a Pitch Shifter and Time Stretcher – with which you can modify your audio files/samples. Also a sweep generator, noise generator …. and more can be found in this toolkit.

Have a look at the website.

Please note that this image is not an image of the website mentioned, but an Audiofinder snapshot of the generated audio file.

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