Par Example was the Dutch synth duo Eric van Baaren and Ton Haring. End of the 1980’s they released a cassette with brilliant Electronic tracks. Later a CD album ‘But everything seems to be fading away’ was conceived.

Par Example – Theatre Zuidplein (Rotterdam)

During the 1990’s Par Example did some live performances, such as the challenging Midi-award festival (theatre Zuidplein – Rotterdam) which was quite an adventure because a lot of modular synthesizer gear was used: of which the larger part was self-built.

This is what Ben Kettlewell wrote about this release: Following the release of several now-legendary cassettes, Par Example has finally released their first CD, and it was well worth the wait. But Everything… is a superb mixture of symphonic electronics and progressive rock, with vocals on two of the eight tracks. This Holland-based group has produced some of the best analog synth music I have ever heard. The first four cuts are pulsating rhythmic excursions with rich synth textures, using driving guitar leads supplied by Eric Van Baaren and Ton Taring. The second half of the CD is very reminiscent of the Vangelis Bladerunner soundtrack. I doubt if Vangelis could ever top the incredible synthscapes on these four cuts. Using a large variety of mid- seventies modular, analog synths, bass, guitars, viola, sitar, and percussion, But Everything… takes us on a compositional journey that constantly re-invents and redescribes the creative process. The album effortlessly stretches and reshapes time itself. This is unforgettable music; rich in timbre and dynamic. The sound doesn’t fill a space but seizes it, altering the acoustics and feeling of any space in is which it is played. If you are looking for an astonishing aural experience, then look no further.

In 2004 Par Example reissued some of the tracks, and new music on their album ‘Pharos’ on the Quantum Records label. This album will be covered in a different post, as well as the live performance of Par Example on the Alfa Centauri Festival.

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