Pat Cotillo jr announced his new album ‘Escaping from the Darkness‘ to be available as of September 1st 2023. “A colledtion of compositions built upon a dark, dystopian/post-apocalyptic concept. An eerie, suspenseful soundtrack …. for a film that does not exist. Inspired by the numerous vintage synthesized scores from the small screen to the big screen 70’s and 80’s.

Some of the music is for promotion available already (see video below) and I suggest you give this album a listen: strong melodic lines and a lot of vintage sequencing. Pat wrote that his works are (a.o.) inspired by the music of Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein – and indeed you will hear many resemblances with tracks from Stranger Things. It sounds like Pat created some more stories in this wonderful series. We hope to offer you a review soon.

Pat Cotillo already has some albums out which we discussed on and which you can find on bandcamp and amazon.

Also make sure to visit Pat’s great websiteSights and sounds – Photography and music‘. The beautiful pictures in the ‘Sights’ part of the website, will show you how Pat has been inspired by the atmospheres that these images breathe.