In our pile of vintage documentation we found this interesting magazine called ‘Patchcord‘. This seems to be a magazine supporting the works of the interest group for synthesizers in German speaking countries, existing as of january 1978.

This issue covers subjects such as:

  • A programmable rhythm machine
  • Building a 24-dB (Moog) VCF module
  • Electronics / schematics sharing service
  • Building a sequencer (part 1)
  • Building a 60 dB dynamics processor
  • … and several electronics / parts / schematics subjects

Below you’ll find a scan of this issue, available as pdf download. Please note that all copyrights are with Patchord and its authors. We share this document to let you know about the existence of this (former) interest group and to trace back for more info.

We do not have a lot of information about this interest group (Interessengemeinschaft), and we would like to know more about the following questions:

  • How long has this interest group existed
  • Has this group published more magazines
  • What other projects can be related to this interest group
  • Are there still any members, contributors that were involved in this group.

We can read in this Probeheft (sample issue) that Manfred Sigmann, from Neuss (D), was the initiator of this interest group, and probably the publisher of this magazine.

If you read in this sample issue, it is clear that the interest group was aiming to do DIY synth projects, sharing information about electronics, software and other synth design themes.