Paul Ellis & Paul Nagle – Hidden camera 2

Paul Ellis just announced his new album with Paul Nagle:The Hidden Camera 2.

Paul writes: “abstract, psychedelic, morphing, ambient horizons which just placed highly in the intergalactic top 42. (In the Abstract Expressionist category… we forget if it was #15 or #23. The morse code message from Alpha Centauri wasn’t clear.)” and “Some projects feel so right and work so well, you cant resist diving right back in again. That’s certainly been the case here, hence our joyous return with a new collection of ambient atmospherics, building on the experience of the first album. A shared love of shifting, psychedelic textures, musical collage and expansive moods has resulted in The Hidden Camera 2. We hope you enjoy this ghostly trip into the dark realms of imagination as much as we do.”

More info to be found on bandcamp or Paul’s official website.

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