Paul Ellis: Unbroken Spirit

Unbroken Spirit – the new album by Paul Ellis with Jared White will be released soon at the Groove Unlimited label. We asked Paul about this release and -without no reviews yet- he was kindly willing to share his thoughts about this release.

“Unbroken Spirit with Jared White will be coming out on Groove Unlimited in 10 days. I normally record my Spacemusic with no drum machines, I just use interlocking sequencers for the rhythm, but lately I’ve been feeling it was time to explore that side. Jared asked about doing a project together and I thought it would be the perfect time. Reference points would lean towards Schmoelling era (80’s) TD, William Orbit, Patrick O’Hearn, and maybe a dash of Ulrich Schnauss. Of course it also doesn’t sound like anyone else but us. I’m really happy with this one. Soundbites coming Feb. 1st”

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