Update February 21, 2023: we asked Rob Papen about his memories of this show… “I don’t remember much about it. Was in the time of Constellations (LP). Ruud van Es could borrow his Formant self-build synth from Cor van der Vliet and I had an organ at my uncle’s disposal, who owned a wholesaler of musical instruments. The organ had a monophonic synthesizer built in, nice string sounds and some other useful sounds. Can be heard mainly on the album Constellations.
This Cor van de Vliet and a friend of his (name escapes me at the moment) were at the technical high school at the time and had not only provided us with the Formant DIY synthesizers, but also with a mini laser show. The laser shone on a mirror mounted on a speaker and this mirror was aimed at the canvas behind us. Of course quite primitive compared to what one can do with laser shows now. But at that moment a nice extra during the performance.
We also worked with tape on stage, on which sequencers were recorded, because it was impossible to do everything live. The synthesizers had no memory, so we could continue playing without having to program everything again for half an hour. Primitive, but it didn’t change over time.”

Update February 4, 2023: we received some additional pictures from the concert in Zwijndrecht.

Also this ticket was included, but it’s not about the Zwijndrecht concert. Maybe one of you know about the Peru concerts that time – or maybe better: have you visited one of these concerts. Would you be so kind to share your memories?

Rob Papen of PERU shared this nice picture – taken during a live concert of PERU in Zwijndrecht, february 1, 1982 (41 years ago).

In the background some Formant modulars, operated by Ruud van Es. Currently we are trying to find out more about this equipment and maybe we add more info.