Pink Floyd – Dark side of the Moon – 20th anniversary edition

Just because of my previous post about Roger Waters saying that DSOTM was his (and only his) project, I realised that one of the DSOTM albums I have is the 20th anniversary edition box.

I wanted to find out the credits: they say this album was created by the full Pink Floyd, Waters is additionaly credited for the Lyrics. I feel this album would never have been such a success if it weren’t for the musical contribution of the other Pink Floyd members.

As you can see the receipt is still in the box – purchased on August 28th, 1993 from Calis (record store) in Laren. Priced fl 47,95 (which is approx € 21,50 …. who was talking inflation ? Oh and if you look closely you can see that I traded another purchase for this box, which one…?

I include some quick pictures from the box, just because I am happy I still got it.