The public wants to hear Pink Floyd, at its best, and that is the goal of Pink Project. For a quarter of a century they have been able to immaculately present the musical legacy of Pink Floyd in the theaters and pop venues. Now the band is going on tour with the ultimate Pink Floyd show: ‘Pink Floyd Past to Present‘. This new show covers the entire rich oeuvre of Pink Floyd. From ‘Ummagumma’ and ‘Meddle’ to ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ and from ‘Wish You Were Here‘ via ‘Animals‘ and ‘The Wall’ to ‘The Division Bell‘. All highlights pass by. With quadraphonic sound, a spectacular light show and impressive visuals, it’s as if the legendary British band never ceased to exist! Check our tour page for the performances next season!

The Pink Project is touring in the Netherlands. Here are some dates, but there are more such as in the Melkweg (Amsterdam) on October 6 2022.

Here is a taste of the Pink Project live on stage: