Another peek into the Pile of vintage synth brochures – German/English documentation presenting different PPG gear, including pricelist of (Dutch distributor) Amazing Enterprises. Below you will find:

  • The PPG Wave 2.3 / PRK
  • PPG Waveterm B
  • PPG PRK FD Processor Keyboard
  • PPG HDU Hard disk unit

Below the different scanned pages you will also find the separate brochures as downloadable pdf’s.

PPG Wave 2.3 / PRK

The PPG Wave 2.3 / PRK offers 8 different sounds simultaneously with 8 different wavetables. Digital wave synthesis / Sampling sounds plus analog filtering, Multi Sampling and Multi Instrumentation with 2×7 Splitpoints, Five octave velocity sensitive wooden piano keyboard, Pre-programmable velocity for 8 individually adjustable sound parameters, 8 Track Sequencer with monophonic or polyphonic recording, Multi Sound Polyphony – 8 completely different sounds recordable, Extendable up to the complete WAVE TERM System

PPG Waveterm B

Natural Sounds – 16 bit additive synthesis, 4 channel mix-page, event generator, 3 midi editing pages.

PPG PRK FD Processor Keyboard

6 octave velocity sensitive keyboard, Weighted wooden piano keyboard with 72 keys, Floppy disk drive with high speed loading (sounds and sequences), Midi Master keyboard with velocity and Pitch-/ Modulationwheel
Whole soundlibrary usable – more than 500 sounds, Song mode for sequences

PPG HDU Hard disk unit

12 Minutes Sampling and Playback 16 bit quality, Time Corrected Playback of Samples, Stereo Sampling, Echo, Delay, Flanging, Phasing, Harmonizer effects, Digital Editing and Crossfading, Remote Control Unit with large Display

The Amazing Enterprises Pricelist

At that time (Octobrer 1986), prices offered for a PPG Wave 2.3 were 15.000 guilders (approx € 6820), PPG Hard disk unit 40.000 guilders (~ € 18200) and the PPG Wave term 26.495 guilders (over € 12000). What would you be paying these days?

The brochures as downloadable pdf