Preliminary info – Cwejman SM-1 synthesizer module

This is the first CWEJMAN SM-1 from the 2022 batch production process. All lights green for SM-1 production now ! At this moment no distribution/price information is available.

The Cwejman SM-1 is a luxury, premium quality semi-modular analogue synthesizer in Eurorack format, which boasts some of the core building blocks from Cwejman’s signature S1 synthesizer including their lovely multi-mode filter, super snappy EG’s and their unique oscillator circuits.

For several decades Wowa Cwejman has been developing some of the most revered and tonally unique synthesizer circuits, most notably is the S1 semi modular synthesizer. The SM-1 as its name gently suggests is a Eurorack modular take on the S1 architecture, with two multi-wave analogue oscillators, a glorious multi-mode filter, two loop-able ADSR’s and a precision VCA.

Some of Cwejman’s unique additions some of these tried and tested circuits have been implemented on the SM-1, to give it a wide variety of possible tones and increase the array of modulation capabilities, for example:

The multi mode filter can achieve:
12db, 24db low pass12db, 24db high pass6db, 12db band passAnd three dual band-pass arraysThere’s also a spacing control to separate the resonant peaks of the filters, to create amazing formant tones and much more.

To say this is a stunning example of a subtractive synthesizer would be an understatement, Cwejman synths have a character all of their own and the SM-1 will bring new life into an existing modular system or give users a top end system to build a system on.

The main features of the Cwejman SM-1 include:
Semi modular analogue synthesizer voiceEurorack format module56HP wideStunning build and sound quality