(Updated) R.A. Moog Catalog – 1967

Update January 30, 2023: We have included a better quality pdf file for download. Thanks to Matt Traum

We are happy to share this Moog catalog from 1967 (i.e. over 55 years old) with you.

Interesting to see is that three modular systems offered are simply named The Synthesizer I, II and III.

It seems this is one of the very first catalogs introducing the Modular Systems into the market: obviously not all modules planned were available that time and some parts were still imperfect or still under development. You can see the basic building blocks that were also found in systems sold in later years.

Also the catalog seems to be more of an introduction into electronic sound synthesis and processing, and voltage controlled modules, using the three systems to demonstrate which possibilities you get when you expand the number of modules. In 1967 only a limited amount of musicians and composers were using this kind of synthesizer:

  • Paul Beaver
  • Max Brand
  • John Cage
  • Walter Carlos
  • Robert Ceely
  • Herbert Deutsch
  • Emmanuel Ghent
  • Alwin Nikolais
  • Richard Robinson
  • Raymond Scott
  • Eric Siday
  • Ralph Swickard
  • Edward Zajda

Below the separate scanned pages you will find a compiled brochure as pdf.