[‘ramp] New album – Happy days are here to stay

Stephen Parsick of ‘ramp informed us: “The twelth [‘ramp] album in 24 years, “happy days are here to stay”, will be released on 29th august 2022 in order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the very first official [‘ramp] concert (very much like “synchronise or die” did some five years earlier). The digital flac download can be purchased directly upon its release — the physical cd, however, will be shipped after 13th september (if nothing goes wrong at the pressing plant, that is). processing and shipping may take a while so please be patient when placing an order. This time, the cd edition will be limited to 111 hand-numbered copies — i hate to admit that cd sales are dwindling and not worth keeping a large inventory of unsold stock anymore. yet, i don’t feel like abandoning the idea of releasing physical media entirely, and i’m sure many of you won’t either. Thanks for your ongoing support — i hope you will enjoy “happy days” as much as i enjoyed creating it.

The new album will be available as of August 29, 2022.

More info can be found on Stephen’s bandcamp page.


Originally founded in the spring of 1996. The name refers to the Dutch word “de ramp” which means “disaster” or”catastrophe”. Between 1997 and 2003, [‘ramp] released a string of albums and played a couple of concerts in the Netherlands, the UK, and Germany before Parsick went entirely solo in 2009.