Real Virtuality Project – The Goldseeker

The Real Virtuality Project consisted of Ronald Wijnands and Rolf van Slooten. They performed on two of the early Alfa Centauri EM festivals. Their music was supported by impressive 3D animations, created by Rolf. One of these projects was ‘The Goldseeker’ which is available on Youtube.

Rolf about this project: “The Goldseeker was one of the tracks we played at the Alpha Centauri concerts in “The Holleblok” in 1994/1995. I created an animation for this track, which was projected on the stage. The quality was poor and I also lost the original animation. Two years later, I created an update of the original animation from the concert with better graphics and higher resolution. There are a lot of extra scenes in this version, but also some original graphics which we also used for the slides on of our very first concert in 1994.

Ronald adds: “Alfa Centauri organized once a composing competition, with the theme ‘Time’. Who remembers? Each participant had to create a new music track for this theme and perform his piece live. This was in some factory of Rob. The music in this video I composed for this competition, was based on the idea of goldseekers in historical times and the adventures they had while seeking gold. An idea which Rolf converted into this nice futuristic movie, perfectly matching the soundtrack. The track was also released on the Time cassette.”

Have a look at the video (and enjoy RVP’s music) here:

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