Ro Merium & Thaneco – Homage

Homage – Electronic music by two collaborating artists from Greece and the Netherlands.

This two-song album is a tribute to Klaus Schulze and Vangelis: track 1 ‘Dream dancing – Kaus Schulze’ (which probably should read Klaus Schulze 🙂 and track 2 ‘Beauty comes from chaos – Vangelis’.

The tracks can be found on Romerium’s bandcamp page.

Additional info: released June 6, 2022. Equipment used for this album: Moog Minimoog, Moog Sub37, Prophet 5, Oberheim SEM, Eurorack Modular Synth, Behringer Grey Meanie 2600, NI Kontakt 6, Omnisphere, Arturia CS-80 v4, G-Force M-Tron Pro, Rob Papen vsts (Predator 3, Vecto, Go2, Blue 2, Punch 2), Xils 3, Valhalla Reverb, Baby Audio FX.
Klaus Schulze vocal sample taken from his interview on BBC, doing a demonstration of the EMS synthi A.
Vangelis vocal sample taken from the Al Jazeera interview.