(Updated) Robert – Future World Orchestra – Pot new album !

Upadate, January 6 2022: Robert shared the following: The new year started well, namely with the final recording/mixing of the tracks for the new FWO album. I have reduced the pre-selection of 25 tracks to 18 and I expect “only” 14 tracks to reach the finish line. (After all, you can only fit a maximum of 72 minutes on 1 CD).

Although initially I had selected only instrumental (read synth) works, I decided to include some vocal works as well. I feel they fit well with the instrumental tracks and frankly, after not hearing these vocal tracks for several months, they touched me in such a way that I do not want to ignore them. I do expect, in part because of this addition will create extra work and thus take extra time. I therefore expect the release date to be toward the end of February.

Mixing the tracks is a fairly complex undertaking given the reasonably large number of tracks I think I need for my music. (On average about 200 stereo tracks.) Layering is it called,= I believe. The trick then is especially to keep the mix “open”. But this fits well with my character, which can be quite complex at times. 😉

Robert Pot, one of the members of Future World Orchestra informed us about the forthcoming release of a brand new electronic album. Robert wrote ” am also currently putting the finishing touches on a brand new (pure synth) album, which will be released in January 2023 on CD and a little later on vinyl and compact cassette.” We have no information yet, bur Robert promised us to be one of the first to know…