Roger Waters’ This is not a drill – cancelled concert

The concert that Pink Floyd singer Roger Waters was supposed to give in May in Frankfurt, Germany, has been canceled by the municipality. The city council calls the 79-year-old artist “one of the most active anti-Semites in the world” and therefore considers a performance by Waters inappropriate.

In a statement, the Frankfurt city council cites several examples of anti-Semitic behavior by the singer. For example, Waters called for a cultural boycott of Israel and in an earlier show showed a balloon in the shape of a pig with a Star of David on it.

The location of the planned concert also caused a stir. In 1938, thousands of Jewish men were mistreated in the Festhalle concert hall. Then they were deported to a concentration camp, where many died. There is a memorial in front of the Festhalle.

The municipality of Frankfurt wants to make a clear statement against anti-Semitism and therefore draws a line through Waters’ show. Cities such as Berlin and Cologne, where Waters will also give concerts, are also considering such a decision.

Concerts by Waters in the Polish city of Krakow were also canceled last year. This happened because of comments made by the singer to first lady Olena Zelenska. Waters stated that “nationalists in Ukraine have provoked war with Russia”.

As far as we know the Waters’ three shows in the Ziggo Dome (Amsterdam, NL) on April 4, 6 and 7 will continue for the time being.